Another set of ads, this time the topic being the Icelandic styled yogurt Siggi’s! Siggi’s is skyr which is an yogurt that is more repeatly strained and has a much more sour taste than the sweet sugary yogurt we’re used to in America. And it’s the only skyr sold in the states. It wasn’t my kind of thing, but I’d say giving it a try for something new.

It was very hard and took a long time to think of good clear ideas, and I ended up going into how skyr is made, and what makes it Siggi’s. You can see these on deviantart and you can also find my other ads on the NY Aquarium here.

Reasons for drawing this:
1. It’s spring break.
2. We all needed this.

Outfit is from this post! 

Some highlights of my type book I printed for class. We had to pick some type of celebrity, I choosed the fabulous Dicaprio, hehe. Most of it was learning about type so not much looks super fancy except for these. Next project sounds like it’ll be a lot more fun so I can only hope.

Woo! Finished this faster then I thought I would! Very loosely based on a dream I had about a month ago? I remember it being this kind of sword eater/snake lady, and changed it around so I could do a full painting. Still want to draw the sword eating snake woman though. I struggled a lot with the color on this but I like the way it came out.

I’m going to try editing the video process of this so I’ll update when I do!

This was made cause of this lipstick since Tok is a crazy cat person… BUT I JUST ENDED UP MAKING HER LOOK HOT. I HAVE NO REGRETS THOUGH. The color was a lot of fun! I imagine her little bro glamored her up for fun and made her take some pics, haha.

I really love the way the shirt looks. ♥

Thanks! Glad you do~ Worried it looked eh from the streaks. vuv 

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